Bride Block


  1. What is Bride Block?

    Bride Block LLC is the newest way to help you reserve your group* wedding guest room accommodations *(10 or more guest rooms). Once you submit your desired hotel request online, we will check availability, summarize results into a hotel summary report (Bride Block Summary Example), and guide you through booking process. Our Bride Block agents will be your consultant throughout the process and help you through the intimidating process of reserving group hotel accommodations.

  2. How much does it cost to use Bride Block?

    This is a complimentary service for you. Similar to other online travel agency sites and companies, we are compensated by a placement fee/commission from your chosen hotel. This is an industry standard for third party providers. We are always client driven and do not represent any hotel chain. Bride Block agents represent only you.

  3. Why should I use Bride Block?

    This is an exciting time in your life. However; planning a wedding is often stressful and requires a lot of your time. Let us be your personal travel agent and save you time and money by doing this part for you. We know what questions to ask, summarize your results from multiple hotels, negotiate on your behalf, and recommend the next steps. Contact your agent anytime, even after the hotel contract is signed. We act as your liaison with the hotel and will provide you peace of mind.

  4. Why can’t I get a quick automated response like other online travel agencies?

    Reserving guest rooms for a “group” is a different process than most online websites. Those sites are affiliated with Global Distribution Systems in which the hotels submit and adjust rates on a daily basis for their transient guests. If you are reserving only 1-9 rooms, those are great alternatives to Bride Block LLC. We specialize only in Group bookings that require 10 or more guest rooms. A “group” is classified throughout the industry as 10 or more guest rooms. Group bookings almost always require a written contract or courtesy block agreement with the Hotel you choose. The booking process ALWAYS takes working with a sales associate and should reflect lower rates and concessions for you and your wedding guests. This can’t be done without communicating with someone at your requested hotels. We love technology; however it is always better having a relationship with your dedicated agent and a designated hotel contact.

  5. Who am I communicating with?

    Once you submit your desired hotel request through our website, you are assigned a Bride Block agent. If you didn’t designate in the submit field an agent you prefer to work with; an agent will be randomly assigned to you. This agent will contact you via your preferred method of communication – i.e. phone or email. All our agents are trained, ready, and willing to start the search process!

  6. Do attorney’s look over the final contract with the hotel?

    Although we advise and help negotiate on your behalf, our agents are not attorneys. You will ultimately sign the agreement with the hotel and will be responsible for any performance terms and conditions. The only reference in the contract to our involvement is a standardized commission clause outlining with the hotel our placement fee. Our agents will explain and answer any questions that you have in regards to the contract.

  7. Why do you specialize only in weddings?

    At this time, we only want to help brides and grooms reserve their out of town guest accommodations. This is a niche we felt that needed our help. If you are not involved in our industry, you likely have never reserved group hotel accommodations. We provide a service and value that is unique in the wedding industry.

  8. How long will it take to get my hotel offers?

    Our goal is to have you a completed hotel summary report, within 48-72 hours. Your agent will keep you updated throughout the process.

  9. What happens after the hotel contract is signed?

    Our Bride Block agents want to make certain that your experience is fantastic. A document explaining “what to expect after the contract is signed” will be sent to you. Your agent will always be accessible at the contact information they provide. These agents are assigned to you and will always be your personal contact.

  10. When I submit a hotel search, am I obligated to use Bride Block?

    No, you are not. There are No contracts between Bride Block LLC and you. Once your dedicated agent reaches out to you, feel free to say that you are no longer interested. At anytime throughout the process you are not satisfied with your Bride Block agent you can choose to decline further assistance. As with any client / customer relationship, we are working to impress you.

  11. Does Bride Block represent any specific hotels or hotel chains?

    No, and No. We are client driven (you) and will only work on your behalf.

  12. Will I speak with a live agent?

    We will communicate with you via your preferred method of communication.  Either via email, text, or phone.

  13. How can I refer your services to a couple I know?

    Thank you! Please Use Our Refer A Bride Page.